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The Other Woman

May 1, 2022

by Erin Blue Burke   Her pool is a private one, a gated community of exercise, and everyone who sees her swimming back and forth from end to end knows she wants to be left alone. Many of them have … Read more

Indigo: A Review

April 17, 2022

by ELLIE RAMBO   Padgett Powell, Indigo (Catapult, 2021), pp. 223. If I were to start the review of this book the way many of the essays within it begin, I would open with a personal story, which by the third …


April 1, 2022

by Jake Slovis   We heard about RealityCheck from Anne and Tom. They said it had really worked for them, that since they’d started playing, they hadn’t fought once. The evidence of their success was clear. We’d twice had them … Read more

Syncopated Sensibility: Review of Sevastopol

March 31, 2022

by CELIA LEGBAND HAWLEY   Sevastopol, Emilio Fraia, New Directions Publishing, 2021. Possibly the best advice I can give you about reading Emilio Fraia’s 2018 novel Sevastopol is: Do not let your first reading be your only one. The South American …

Bewilderness: A Review

March 23, 2022

by BEE GRAY-ARMY   Bewilderness, Karen Tucker, 2021, 288 p. In our current moment, addiction is as familiar to most Americans as a regularly scheduled television program. In fact, 22 million people are currently suffering from active substance use disorders …

Proofs of Purchase

March 2, 2022

by George Singleton   My father left me with two pillowcases of dimes and nickels, separated. He left a note atop the bags, stashed in the back of a tool shed, saying he started saving when I was born, and … Read more

The Naomi Letters: A Review

February 28, 2022

by MARY SIMS   Rachel Mennies, The Naomi Letters (BOA Editions, 2021). Rachel Mennies’ The Naomi Letters opens with a question, an invitation to devotion: “The love poets say suffering is relative, but would they pull a plane whole / from …

Night Rooms: A Review

February 17, 2022

by DONAL MACADAM   Gina Nutt, Night Rooms (Two Dollar Radio, 2021). Gina Nutt writes that horror in film is “a reaction, recognition, a response to a call.” Nutt is the author of the poetry collection Wilderness Champion and two chapbooks— “Here …

An Assembly

February 1, 2022

by Chelsie Bryant   Grandma Owens didn’t often invoke the Lord’s name in vain, but when the news hit that another child had been murdered, she let loose a quiet “Lordy.” It was nearly silent, the lament, and Morgan hadn’t … Read more

The Fugitivities: A Review

January 29, 2022

by SHANA SCUDDER Jesse McCarthy, The Fugitivities (Melville House, 2021).   Jesse McCarthy’s debut novel The Fugitivities asks the weighty and perhaps unanswerable question: what does it mean to be Black? Is it a static form of identity which one carries across …