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Lit Up: A Review

June 30, 2018

by KYLAN RICE Lit Up by Chris Glomski.  The Cultural Society, 2017, pp. 96.  In his new book Lit Up (The Cultural Society, 2017), Chris Glomski shows what lyric poetry looks like in the neoliberal age. When he writes in “Lyric,” … Read more

The Lucky Ones

June 20, 2018

by DAVID JACOBS Have you heard about the lake in Tanzania that’s so alkaline it preserves the bodies of dead animals in a calcified state, fixing them in a lonely permanence? Or the rare autoimmune disease that turns soft tissue … Read more

The Gunners: A Review

June 20, 2018

by BENJAMIN J. MURPHY Rebecca Kauffman. The Gunners. Counterpoint Press, 2018, pp. 224. Mikey is going blind, but he is our window into the small realism of Rebecca Kauffman’s second novel, The Gunners (Counterpoint Press, 2018). Though Mikey is apprehensive … Read more