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Savage Conversations: A Review

April 19, 2019

by KARAH MITCHELL LeAnne Howe, Savage Conversations (Coffee House Press, February 2019), pp. 104 LeAnne Howe’s Savage Conversations is devastating. In this experimental book that hovers between drama and poetry, dreams and the deepest reality, Howe presents a “conversation” that … Read more

Revenge of the Translator: A Review

April 1, 2019

by KATHARINE COLDIRON Brice Matthieussent, Revenge of the Translator, translated by Emma Ramadan (Deep Vellum, October 2018), pp. 352 I truly do not know where to begin with Revenge of the Translator. It’s a metatextual novel, and it’s confusing, sexy, … Read more


April 1, 2019

by DAN PINKERTON At the Missouri line they encountered a giant red fireworks barn sitting just off I-35 with elaborate signage made to look like lit roman candles. Even from a distance the place looked vulgar and hazardous, so Ted … Read more