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July 31, 2020

by SUSAN COMNINOS after William Wordsworth’s “Nuns Fret Not”   Within the sonnet’s scanty plot of ground someone sings off-tune. Someone’s plotted novel flips off-road. Someone’s plot to leave a neutral town — paved over, by shift in plot to … Read more

Skin Memory: A Review

July 20, 2020

Winner of the Backwaters Prize in Poetry, Skin Memory persuasively examines personal tragedy to provoke readers to question the interactions between nature and human invention.

Aunt Eva

July 7, 2020

by Terri Fabel Gwendolyn turned sideways in front of the mirror and checked her stomach. Flat. Good. She slipped her feet into the open-toed sandals that stood in the middle of the room and turned around to check her rear. … Read more