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Wie Wir Schlafen (The Way We Sleep)

November 17, 2017

— Poet: Farhad Showghi is a psychiatrist, poet and translator who resides in Hamburg, Germany. He is the author of the poetry collections Die große Entfernung, Ende des Stadtplans and In verbrachter Zeit. Ende des Stadtplans was published in English … Continued

Super Extra Grande: A Review

May 23, 2017

by DOREEN THIERAUF Restless Books, June 2016, 160 pp. Originally written in Spanish (2012) and masterfully translated into English by David Frye, Super Extra Grande is a genre-bending space opera as original and erudite as its author, a hair metal … Continued

The Captain of Moods

December 16, 2016

by LESLEE BECKER The name-calling started with an argument about John Wayne. We’d been watching a John Wayne movie on TV, my mother laying it on about The Duke’s good looks and heroism. My father shook his head. “John Wayne … Continued