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Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action: A Review

August 19, 2023

by KYLAN RICE   Jordan Dunn, Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action (Partly Press, 2022), pp. 84. In a chapter on the lumber industry in Man and Nature, Or, Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action (1864), the American …

A Long Time to Be Gone: A Review

August 8, 2023

by KYLAN RICE   Michael McFee, A Long Time To Be Gone (Carnegie Mellon, 2022), pp. 72. In a notebook from the 1930s, Robert Frost wrote out a recollected line from the poet Archibald MacLeish’s “Ars Poetica”: “A poem shouldn’t …

“History / And Fear”: A Review of Sleeping as Fast as I Can by Richard Michelson

June 26, 2023

by KYLAN RICE   Richard Michelson, Sleeping as Fast as I Can (Slant, 2023), pp. 88. In Negative Dialectics, Theodor Adorno tempered his often-quoted claim that it’s “barbaric” to “write poetry after Auschwitz,” conceding instead that “perennial suffering has just as … Read more

Treehouse Ghost

January 7, 2021

by Seth D. Slater Everyone was safe in the treehouse: sheltered from eye-patched pirates woodpeg limping with a loudmouthed parrot on the shoulder, blackspots buried in trousers, curses pocketed for future exhortation. Wind blew through autumnal sails as we cut … Read more

The Day Mark Nolan Gets Shot

November 11, 2020

by John Baum I’m in line to buy my wife a dress when this guy comes in. It’s raining out, but he’s wearing large black sunglasses, and he doesn’t take them off as he walks around the store. This bothers … Read more

String Sisters

October 14, 2020

by JULIE WAKEMAN-LINN The last day of September, Sasha rushed into their flat. “Olga, I’ve got us an offer.” Olga sat wrapped in her old quilt with her back to the window. At least today she had folded up the … Read more

Aunt Eva

July 7, 2020

by Terri Fabel Gwendolyn turned sideways in front of the mirror and checked her stomach. Flat. Good. She slipped her feet into the open-toed sandals that stood in the middle of the room and turned around to check her rear. … Read more

No Relation

May 11, 2020

by Jeff Bond It’s interesting to Dorothy that she saw Bill’s wife get killed. She was at a dress store, Stephanie’s, looking for something to wear to a friend’s wedding, still a few weeks off, but she hadn’t found anything … Read more