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Quirk that Works: A Review of Winter Honeymoon

February 11, 2021

Appel’s skill is in crafting beautiful, tender moments that stand alone in their stories, and though they may not be logical or entirely practical, these moments are undeniably human.

Minutes of Glory: A Review

February 11, 2021

The collection of four somewhat thematic, loosely chronological sections illustrates not only the development of a powerful anti-colonial voice, but the hidden glories and tragedies and silent shames of colonial and postcolonial Kenya.

Treehouse Ghost

January 7, 2021

by Seth D. Slater Everyone was safe in the treehouse: sheltered from eye-patched pirates woodpeg limping with a loudmouthed parrot on the shoulder, blackspots buried in trousers, curses pocketed for future exhortation. Wind blew through autumnal sails as we cut … Continued

Glory and Its Litany of Horrors: A Review

December 17, 2020

“Shouting is easy, Mario, what is difficult is to be born into hearing,” coaches a director as Cardoso stumbles into his first big theater role and eventual stardom.

Homie: A Review

November 11, 2020

Smith’s voice is drenched with protest, no longer willing to conceive of a reality where black bodies are expected to comply and resist…

Sugar Run: A Review

November 11, 2020

The past’s sweetness is distant while its horrors are disturbingly present, and Jodi McCarty stands straddled between them.

The Day Mark Nolan Gets Shot

November 11, 2020

by John Baum I’m in line to buy my wife a dress when this guy comes in. It’s raining out, but he’s wearing large black sunglasses, and he doesn’t take them off as he walks around the store. This bothers … Continued